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  • The 3-Pack Mia Hair Tie Collection - 3 Elastic Hair Ties

    $ 3.50

    3 of Elastic Hair Bandz hair ties. Heat Sealed to help prevent fraying.

    Elastic hair bandz hair ties are hand dyed and made with a soft & stretchy elastic that is extremely gentle to your hair and skin. We do not purchase pre-dyed elastic so some color variations may exist.

    Elastic hair bandz hair ties are fantastic at keeping your hair up or wearing on your wrist as cute bracelets when your hair doesn't need to be up.

    Elastic Hair Bandz are perfect as a gift for birthdays, holidays, sports teams, and party & shower favors.

    If you need more than one set, contact me and I will post a custom listing for you. If you need other colors, color sets, or a different quantity, let me know. Customizable color sets are available upon request! We love custom orders, so don't hesitate to contact us.

    Pictured here: 3 Hair Ties.