$ 5.25

The Ava Elastic Hair Ties Ponytail Holder Collection - Ponytail Holder

Each hair tie measures 10 1/2" in length, 5/8" wide, knotted and sealed individually. They come in an array of colors from solid to tie dye. We custom tie dye each hair tie ourselves, we don't purchase already tie dyed, so some variations in color may exist. We have listings for sets and individual hair ties/headbands.

These hair ties won't put dents and pull your hair like traditional rubber bands do. They are safe for your hair and great for kids because they don't pull. Wear them on your wrist when there not in your hair they just look great. You will never use a traditional hair band again.

Perfect as a gift for birthdays, holidays, sports teams, and party & shower favors.

If you need more than one set, contact me and I will post a custom listing for you. If you need other colors, color sets, or a different quantity, let me know. Customizable color sets are available upon request!

Pictured here: 4 Solid Black Hair Ties.